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February 14, 2012


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Rae Payne

Joann, I love this sentiment. Such potential for healing in art. You pegged it!

Kelly Hoernig

The colorful art, the sentiment heart - just lovely!

Laney McDonald

I SO agree about the healing properties of art!


I loved reading what love does and enjoying your wonderful art

AnaLisa Rutstein

I agree! Art HEALS !!! Thank you for sharing. Love & Grace, AnaLisa

Lisa WrightStuff

Ah... it's like reading a message from my own heart. Your artwork is gorgeous - great use of colour and texture!


Perfectly said..I love your passion for ArT!

Connie Relyea



I totally agree with you! Art has saved me on more than one occasion. and I LOVE your picture:)


Luv'd you art for todays Hop, Joann! Thanks for sharing it!!

Ann Marie

Beautiful. Your words and your art. :)

Valerie Weller

What a "SOUL soothing" post! Beautiful artwork to go with your beautiful words!

janet Forrest

Love the post...amazing that art can do so much...

Teresa Erwin

Such a touching and inspiring post. Thank you, Joann for sharing with us.


What a heartfelt post. Art truly is a universal language.

Joann Loftus

Thank you to everyone for visiting my blog! I've so enjoyed being a part of the "Love of Art" Blog Hop Party and visiting everyone's blog. I've bookmarked each and plan on making regular visits to see what all of you are up to!

Amy Hillenbrand

I just love the sheer imagination all your pieces have. I can tell it flows from your heart and soul.

Renee Burke of Happily Ever After by Renee Burke, LLC

Love the colors in your art!!! "Art speaks when I have no words to express myself." = YES!!! exactly! xo


Dear Joann, Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and what art means to you. I can really relate, especially to the part about art guiding you thru the tough spots and that art is who you are. Its very heartfelt and well written!


Lovely sentiment, beautifully expressed!

Kristin Dudish

So well said - and a wonderful image to accompany your beautiful sentiment!


Melanie Douthit

I love what you shared in your post and your artwork is awesome!! Happy Flying! :)

Debbie Goode

Holding my paintbrush in my hand always brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart....thanks for sharing your wonderful art and words

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