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October 24, 2012


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Kat Haynes

Hi Joann! I just shared your Life Book 2013 post with my artsy friends on my FaceBook page!
Kat =^..^=


Alice Irvan

I just posted your info on my Facebook page.


Posted on my personal page, this group page - http://www.facebook.com/groups/228155360549943/ - and tweeted by my @lynnemedskerart! What a great idea!

Joann Loftus

Thanks so much, ladies! You are all entered. Lynne, I've got you in for three entries.


I just posted a like on my facebook page :)



I posted to my facebook page. I would love a spot in the class. Thanks for the offer.


Hi, Joann. I shared and tagged you on Creative Clearinghouse's page. https://www.facebook.com/CreativeClearinghouse?ref=hl

Kristen Conley

Facebooked it! https://www.facebook.com/WhimsyInspired I am so going to do Life Book 2013!

Kristen Conley

Tweeted it! https://twitter.com/WhimsyInspired/status/262791547068755968

Theresa Barnes


wow....would love to win this!!

Amy Malla

Posted on my facebook page

Lifebook 2012 was great, life got in the way and I am trying to decide whether to sign up for 2013 so maybe if I win I wont have to make the decision.


I posted this on my facebook page! I am in lifebook now and am so enjoying it and hoping to win another round!

Diana Rapalo

I posted it on my facebook page

Gina Shillitani

Tweeted! https://twitter.com/gshillitani/status/263017401090711552

Gina Shillitani

On my blog! http://art-and-craft-adventures.blogspot.com/2012/10/giveaway-from-joann-loftus-studios-for.html

Gina Shillitani

And on Facebook! I so hope to win the spot, I did not get to participate this year and I really hope to in 2013!


Thanks Joann for this opportunity. I posted on my facebook page and am a current Lifebook 2012 artist. Hey, I called myself an artist for the first time...see what Lifebook does to you! :)


Also shared with my artsy friend Emma Field :) on facebook


I shared this on facebook. I would love to win!http://www.facebook.com/sierra.groschmahaffy#!/


I shared on Facebook! This looks terrific!


I shared this on my blog as well!

Sigrún Linda

Hi Joann I really admire your beautiful Art! I just shared your Life Book 2013 post with all my friends and family on my FaceBook page! :) here... http://www.facebook.com/Sigrun.Linda.Karlsdottir?ref=tn_tnmn

...and subscribed to your YouTube channel (my name is Happy-Arty-Farty ;)
I am already a Fan on Facebook :)

Yeahhhh! I am so excited and hope to win :) :P :D

Sigrún Linda

I did it again today!!! :) :P :D hehehe :D


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